A Running List of Tried & Tested Author Promotion Sites

When I launched my debut romance novel, I tried some of the author promotional sites suggested in resources such as Kindlepreneur and Paid Author. But I knew testing for my own books and audiences would be ideal. So instead of ad stacking, I’ve listed with one site per day both during the launch and currently in a Kindle Countdown deal. While there are still many variables polluting the data, it’s a start. One caveat, however. I will not use any of the sites listed below for a new release or full priced book (though many do not even offer that option.) Money wasted.

My Favs

Will Use Again

Meh, But Worth Another Shot

Didn’t Work For Me

#FridayReads: Running List of Romance Author Recommendations

Each Friday on my Facebook page I spotlight an author I love, read or respect…one that has helped me on this author journey either by inspiring me with their writing or supporting me in some way. Here is a running list of romance author recommendations based on my personal experience and interactions with the romance author community.

romance author recommendations

Historical Romance

Madeline Martin
Emma Prince
Keira Montclair 
Margaret Mallory
Elizabeth Essex
Kathryn Leveque
Grace Burrowes (& Contemporary)

Contemporary Romance

Marie Force
Leigh Fleming
Melissa Foster

Want more romance recommends?  Check out Dear Author, Aestas Book Blog and Heros & Heartbreakers to name just a few awesome book blogs.