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RWA Annual Conferences, July 2015

Liberty States Fiction Writers, March 2016

3rd Pocono Writers Conference, January 2016

RWA Annual Conference, July 2016

Fiction Fest, September 2016

Set a goal and then demolish it!


Read about my family antics including the origin of Underwear in Our Kitchen on Facebook.


A note to college-bound students, if you change majors four times–especially moving from marketing and accounting under to secondary education–it will take more than four years to graduate. Luckily my master’s degree in English was financed by the University of Scranton thanks to a graduate assistantship since that fifth year cost a pretty penny.


During this period I married an incredible man and worked as an 8th grade English teacher. The best advice I received courtesy of my mentor, the late Dr. R, was “not to frequent the teacher’s lounge too often since ‘negativity breeds negativity.'” Instead, I spent my spare time driving 2+ hours after work to Penn State University every week to earn a PhD in Curriculum & Instruction/Language and Literacy.


After the birth of my first child I decided to share cool finds with friends and later readers.  My first blog, CoolBabyKid.com, started as a wiki. My second child was born seventeen months later so the blog started slow but picked up steam when…


In BlogHer in Chicago I met two sassy ladies from New Orleans and learned to say “New Orlans rather than New Or-leens.” iConnect: Influencer Marketing (formerly Double Duty Divas) was founded based on this meeting. My partner, Bridgette, loves me to pieces–especially when I “accidentally” sign us up to speak about the success of our blog network and share images of Sam Heughan on our professional social media handles.


Not content to run from dance practice home to trend a Twitter party for a client, I co-founded first Reviewer’s Retreat in 2011 and later re-branded to iRetreat: A Conference for Influencers. I also left the classroom after fifteen years to become a curriculum specialist focusing on PA Educational Initiatives and English Language Arts curriculum and instruction.

Author Biography

In 1998 I began researching a medieval, historical fiction romance. With a folder of notes and one chapter under my belt, I joined RWA and then…


I can use the excuse of a teaching career, two kids or a marketing business to run, but in reality I was stuck without any idea of how to move forward. I dedicated January 2015 “the year to make it happen.” Starting small–re-joining RWA, participating on forums and dusting off old research–I’m now finished with my first manuscript, A Thief’s Countess Attending RWA15 accelerated my progress and finally, after sixteen years, my first manuscript was complete.

As it turned out, complete meant I was just getting started…

After realizing medieval romance hasn’t been (in the exact words of one big-5 editor “popular for twenty years” but understanding fans, like me do love it, I decided to become an indie author. If you agree and love historical romance, join Historical Romance Readers on Facebook co-administered by the talented author of Scottish romance, Madeline Martin.

Blogger Biography

Abandoning Cool Baby Kid after nearly five years of blogging, I sacrificed super stats but gained a voice working with a smaller number of brands. The new site allows opportunities for authentic partnerships with Pampers, Netflix, Keurig, Jabra, CVS and others along with my own voice and writing style which is no longer stifled by copywriting.

With over 25K Twitter followers, the numbers only begin to tell my online story. In addition, my social media agency iConnect: Influencer Management includes over  2,500+ digital influencers. Diva Twitter parties average more than 20 million impressions. In addition to blog outreach campaigns, we facilitate multiple promotional Facebook groups, live events and our own conference–iRetreat.

Learn more about my social media side on this expert iBlog interview or grab my media kit here.

Et Cetera

Reading, writing and speaking are currently three of my favorite hobbies which I hope to one day make a part of my professional resume. Obsessions include Outlander, Peaky Blinders, Game of Thrones, Disney everything and chocolate/peanut butter cake. And even though I’ve run more than a dozen halves and one full marathon, I’m starting to wonder if the “7 minute workout” app has any merit.

Contact me if you have an idea or just want to connect.

  1. wow, awesome post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome. Grinner

  2. Do you have an excerpt from your manuscript somewhere on your page to read? I would love to read some of it.

    • Hi Anna! I have a few snippets on the Facebook page and plan to release the first chapter to “Border Ambassadors” shortly. But that gives me a great idea…I will link to the snippets from the website home page. Thanks so much for your interest!! 🙂


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